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Console Customs News

PS4 and Xbox One Rapid Fire Mods Available NOW!

Console Customs is Pleased to annouce that we now have Rapid fire Mod Kits available for Both Next Gen systems.

Both new Mods offer the latest in technology including stealth options and features such as Auto Run, Drop Shot, Jump Shot, Quick Scope and many more. As always ALL features are included with every mod, console customs never charges extra for individual mod features.

Our Current Version kits are easy to install with the PS4 mods only requiring 3 solder connections. Our Latest mods also include the option to add Reflex Remapping buttons. These are buttons which can be added to the back of your controller and mimic the function of normal controller buttons.

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PS4 and Xbox One

With the PS4 launch behind us and Xbox One coming in just a few days, you can be sure that Console Customs is quickly working on mod chips and other product solutions for both systems.  Our PS4 Rapid fire chips have been in development for several weeks already and are currently in production stages. These new mod chips have all the features features of past chips plus more. The installation will also be much easier than past chips by using a flexible circuit board for installation, only three solder connections are needed the rest are made without soldering using the flex board.  These chips have some truly useful features not seen before in any mod chip from us or other manufacturers. We we release more concrete arrival times as we have them available, but look for them very soon in our shop.

Xbox one chips are currently in development and we expect to goto productions shortly after the console release when we are able to do final live testing. More information on these chips will be available shortly.


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