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PS4 TrueFire ReFlex Programmable Button Remapping Flex

7 Reviews
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Please select the proper version. The V3 mod is only for the new PRO controllers which have the lighted touchpad. If your Controller does not have a lighted touchpad please select the V2.
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Please be sure you have selected the correct version mod for your controller above.


The V3 mod is ONLY for the latest controllers with a lighted touchpad.

For all other controllers Please select the V2 mod.


You are looking at a Console Customs Solution to adding remappable buttons to your controller. You can now easily build your own custom Controller without paying outrageous prices for a pre-moded controller. Our Reflex Remapper Flex gives you just that. This version of our mod allows for programming of the buttons you add to map to any controller button, trigger, D-pad direction and even the touchpad click.  Once installed you can set or change the mapping of each button in under 10 seconds.

This item is offered with options for small and large buttons The smaller buttons are great to fit in more places inside the controller and for adding paddles. The smaller buttons have a base size of 6mm x 6mm and the actual button that you push is 3mm in diameter. The larger buttons offer a bigger surface area, however due to their size only fit well in limited places in the controller. these buttons havea 12mm x 12mm base inside the controller and a 6mm diameter button. If you have questions about where buttons will fit inside the controller please let us know and we will help. Generally the larger buttons will fit in the inside of the grips but not on the flat back part of the controller.

*Please note when you order any button(s) we also inlcude wire for that button(s). If not buttons are ordered no wire will be included.


Our Full installation video is available HERE

Looking for a non programmable version of this mod? We have it! Just take a look at our Easy Mapper mod.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I purchased the PS4 TrueFire ReFlex Programmable Button Remapping Flex and with no prior experience in modding or soldering and I was able to install without any problems. The video was a huge help - step by step - very well d more for the rest of my controllers. Great product.

Suwanee, GA

Troy Case